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Physical Health/Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation, PT, Prosthetics, Health Maintenance, More

Aloha Independent Living Hawai'i
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Strives to provide independent living programs and services for persons with disabilities in Hawai'i.

Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawai'i
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Linking individuals with disabilities with technology so all people can participate in every aspect of community life. Empowering individuals to maintain dignity and control in their lives by promoting technology through advocacy, training, information, and education.

Disabled American Veterans Hawai'i
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Since its founding more than 80 years ago, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) has been dedicated to a single purpose: building better lives for America's disabled veterans and their families. Fidelity to that mission has required DAV to respond creatively and flexibly to changing and sometimes unpredictable challenges faced by its constituency. Whether disabled veterans have needed a voice on Capitol Hill, a nationwide service program, a transportation network or unique rehabilitation opportunities, DAV has focused its attention and resources to meet those needs.

Hawai'i Aging and Disability Resource Center
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A one-stop source for information, assistance and access to services and care for older adults, people with disabilities and family caregivers.

Hawai'i Canines for Independence
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Provides people with physical disabilities specially trained dogs that will give them the freedom and confidence to live more independent lives.

Hawai'i Disability Rights Center
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Seeks to protect and promote the human, civil and legal rights of individuals with disabilities through the provision of information and advocacy.

Hawai'i Vocational Rehabilitation and Services for the Blind
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A state-federal program for individuals with disabilities who require assistance to prepare for, secure, retain or regain employment.

Kapiolani Deaf Center
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The Kapiolani Deaf Center (KDC), along with the Gallaudet University Regional Center and the Intensive Preparatory Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, provides services for KCC students and other members of the deaf community in Hawai’i and the Pacific Rim.

Tripler Army Medical Center
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The headquarters of the Pacific Regional Medical Command of the armed forces administered by the United States Army in the State of Hawai'i. It is the largest military hospital in the Asian and Pacific Rim region and serves a military sphere of jurisdiction that spans over 52% of the Earth's surface.

VA Pacific Islands Healthcare System
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Comprised of the Spark M. Matsunaga VA Medical Center on the grounds of Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu and several community-based outpatient clinics (CBOCs) throughout the Hawaiian Islands, Guam, and American Samoa.

Vocational Rehabilitation in Hawai'i
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Provides vocational rehabilitation and assistance for persons with disabilities seeking to re-enter the job force.


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